Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions

    1. Late return will be charged daily with extra rate charges.
    2. The customer is not allowed to rent Ecomama’s product to a third party under any circumstances.
    3. Every delivery & pick up, the courier and customer have to signed delivery receipt.
    4. Any missing part should be informed to Ecomama so that other customer will not be held responsible for the defect or missing part.
    5. Ecomama guarantees that our products are clean and hygienic before each delivery.
    6. We expect the customer will return the product in the same condition.
    7. If the product is broken/dirty/missing parts, Ecomama will charge the customer accordingly. If the customer looses the item, the customer will be charged at Retail Price.
    8. If the customer considers to extend the rent period, please inform us at least 7 days after the rent starts, and it is still subject to availability.
    9. Ecomama will provide batteries for products that require batteries. However, if the battery runs out before the rent period ended, it will be on the customer’s cost.
    10. A bookings is considered confirmed if full payment is received.
    11. Cancellation has to be done minimum 3 days prior the intial booking date, refund of payment will be returned 100% as customer credit for future transaction.
    12. Parents should supervise their children closely when they use item(s) rented from Ecomama. The parents or rentee take full responsibility on the safety issue or hazard that may caused by the item(s) rented.