Baby Bjorn Original Air Mesh Black

Baby Bjorn Original Air Mesh Black

From IDR 89.000

This product was developed in close collaboration with pediatricians. Baby Bjorn works with leading pediatricians, midwives and child psychologists. Their medical expertise is extremely important to us and they provide us with invaluable input when we develop new products.

You can easily put on or take off the carrier yourself without assistance. This is particularly useful when you are putting your baby to bed. When your baby falls asleep in the carrier, just unfasten the side buckles to open up the front part of the carrier. There’s no need to wake your baby.

The baby carrier can be easily adjusted for the perfect fit. Great when you and your partner want to share the load!


  • Suitable for Newborn 3.5 - 11kg
  • Upright position keeps airways free and allows you to supervise your child's breathing
  • Your baby's legs and arms can move freely, allowing your child to develop muscles, motor skills and balance
  • All fabrics used in this product are gentle against your baby’s skin
  • Lightweight and fit in diaper bags
  • Can be used for baby to facing inwards or outwards.
  • Cons: No extra strap on the hips which sometimes cause strain on the shoulder when carrying a heavy baby.